If Coffee Shops Were Like Airlines

Imagine this....you decide to meet a co-worker at a coffee shop to prep for an upcoming presentation. You both agree to get there by 9:00AM to allow plenty of time before the noon meeting.

As you pull into the parking lot you realize it's PACKED. You drive around in circles and finally settle for a parking space two blocks away.

You dart across the crowded streets carrying your bag and get to the front of the coffee shop only to find the line is stretched around the side of the building. You look at your watch..it's 9:10AM.

You text your co-worker and then notice he's a few feet in front of you in the line so you make eye contact, wave to one another and continue to wait it out. As you approach the entrance, a barista hands you a plastic bin and asks you to take off your shoes and place them in it along with your laptop. You comply and then allow him to pat you around the waist and down the front of your legs.

At long last, you reach the register. The cashier asks what you want to drink and you reply "Just a medium drip coffee, please." Without looking up she says, "Sir, we have a lot of coffee here. Can you please provide me the alpha-numeric code associated with the coffee you desire?"

Flustered, you search your wallet and bag and finally remember it's on the app you downloaded last night. You give her the number and, as she's typing it in, you realize you haven't eaten yet.

"Can I add a bagel to my order, please?" you ask. She looks up at you, sighs heavily and says, "Yes. That will be an additional $4.50 plus a $100 fee for the last-minute change to your order."

Shocked you start to reconsider but you're starving so you give her your credit card and she charges you the full amount. "We'll call you when the order is ready," she states.

You search the coffee shop looking for your friend and notice all the tables and chairs are full. You finally spot him sitting cross-legged in his business suit on the floor next to a power outlet. Crouching down next to him, you both open your laptops and get to work.

As you're discussing the important points you need to hit on in the presentation, you are constantly interrupted by ear-splitting announcements over the loud speaker. "BILL. YOUR GRANDE-QUAD-SOY-DOUBLE-PUMP-SUGAR-FREE-VANILLA-AMERICANO IS READY. I REPEAT. BILL..."

Several minutes pass and you still haven't heard your name called so you stand up and make your way through the crowd to the counter. The barista looks at you wordlessly. "Um, hi," you stammer. "I was wondering if my order got lost. I've been here awhile and..." She cuts you off. "We have your order. Please take a seat and we will call you when it is ready." Ashamed, you return to your spot on the coffee shop floor and resume your meeting prep...




When you step back and think about "real life" situations in the context of going through the airport experience, it seems ridiculous that we willingly subject ourselves to it....the only difference is, we often have no choice.

RISE exists to give you another choice. We are creating a new category of air travel between commercial and private that removes all the hassles associated with flying - including lines, fees...and sitting on the floor in your business suit.

Step out of line...it's time to RISE.