You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Last week, my CEO and I had the opportunity to sit with a handful of our members to talk all things RISE…what they like, what they don’t like, what they’d like to see more (or less) of as we continue to grow and expand.

This informal “focus group” over lunch at a Mexican food restaurant in the heart of downtown Houston was the first in a series of listening sessions we’ll be conducting in all the cities we serve.

As a business, and especially a disruptive start-up, customers are your greatest source of learning. I’ve been involved in highly complex market research projects over the course of my career but nothing comes close to having real and raw conversations with the very people who help build your business day in and day out.

As we sat there munching on chips and guac, I jotted down every idea, thought and sentiment they graciously shared with us. I walked away from that lunch with a renewed sense of understanding and pride for what RISE provides these busy professionals.

Here are a few of the actual quotes…

  • “There’s no going back.”
  • “I’m completely ruined.”
  • “I’ve become emotionally dependent on RISE.”
  • “The team makes the company.”
  • “It’s my time to unwind…an hour to myself.”
  • “I just feel happier.”
  • “Flying is fun again.”
  • “So glad I bought in early.”
  • “You had me at hello.”
  • “It feels exclusive and yet so simple.”
  • “The cost-benefit analysis just works.”

Not only were these comments made about a company they spend money with, they were made about a company that provides AIR TRAVEL…you just can’t make this stuff up.

RISE set out to transform how people purchase, access and experience air travel and these conversations affirm that we are doing just that.