RISE Partners With Smart+Leisure

Just as RISE utilized technology to bring the sharing economy to air travel, our newest partner, SmartLeisure is using technology to “offer people a new and smarter way to own the leisure assets that enrich their lives”.

We had the pleasure of  meeting SmartLeisure CEO, Nick Nascone, at a networking event in Austin recently and the similarities in what our two companies are looking to accomplish is undeniable. Just as we are building a network of professionals that share access to private jets, Nick is creating a network of  interested luxury-asset buyers and connecting them with others looking to own similar assets in the same location, all within a secure, privacy-protected venue. It’s like match-making for boats (and yachts, beach homes, mountain homes, lake homes, ranch homes and urban living).

RISE members receive a discount on the 3% fee SmartLeisure charges for a match that results in any completed purchase within 36 months after registration (registration is free).

To learn more about SmartLeisure and qualify for the RISE member discount, click here.