60 Degrees and Sunny With a Chance of Disruption

This past Saturday, I was standing in line outside with 200 other people as we waited to get into the arena where my son’s gymnastics meet was being held.

The wind was brutal. It felt like it was blowing 90 mph (it was probably more like 15) and it was COLD. As we all stood there miserable and hunched over to brace ourselves against the relentless thrashing, one guy casually stepped out of line and walked towards the side of the building. The other 199 of us just stared at him…What was he doing? Why is he standing over there by himself looking like a weirdo? Then it dawned on us (some more quickly than others….I think my brain was frozen). He was using the building as a shield from the wind.


Soon, one-by-one, the line started snaking his direction until we were all standing against the brick building where, it wasn’t exactly warm, but it was a HECK of a lot better than being out in the open.

When I think about RISE, it’s easy to draw a parallel between what we’re doing with this business and the guy that stepped out of line. We all, at one point or another, have fallen victim to “group think”. We subject ourselves to processes and situations that we accept as status quo…like standing in endless security lines, taking off our shoes and getting groped by strangers in public….just for the privilege of getting to our final destination.

RISE was founded on the premise that – just because we’ve been told it “has to be this way” – doesn’t mean it actually does. We’re not a bunch of rebel rousers …we just chose to step out of line.

The RISE membership-based air travel model eliminates all the hassles associated with commercial travel while upholding and exceeding expectations on all other aspects such as safety, efficiency, comfort and hospitality. We are creating a new category of travel that bridges the gap between the cluster that is commercial and the  once “unattainable” private side of this vast industry.

Through the dedication of the early adopters that jumped onboard before we even took our first flight, to the 20,000th member segment we flew at the end of 2016, this phenomenon is taking shape and showing no signs of slowing down.

All it took was stepping out of line.

Are you ready?