RISE + Surf Air Acquisition FAQs

Why is RISE getting acquired by Surf Air?

Since we first took to the skies in July 2015, the one request we have received above all others is that you want more….more flights, more destinations, and more options to experience this disruptive and life altering form of air travel. By joining forces with Surf Air we are giving you just that - more flights, more destinations and more value than ever before!

Surf Air and RISE were both founded to disrupt the world of air travel - one that eliminates the hassles associated with flying such as lines, crowded gates and delays - in order to give professionals more of the most valuable commodity in the world - time.  Although RISE and Surf Air approached the challenge with slightly different business models, it quickly became evident there was a natural and symbiotic connection between the two businesses. This acquisition ushers in the next phase of growth for this emerging form of travel. As a  member of RISE, you will get to benefit from this next exciting chapter in our history.

When was Surf Air founded?

Surf Air originally launched in California in 2013 as the country’s first private membership airline. Since they were founded, Surf Air has grown the business to accommodate over 3000 members who work in a variety of industries—most commonly technology, financial services, entertainment and healthcare. Just like with RISE, Surf Air members are frequent fliers and often identify as entrepreneurs and business executives.

Will RISE transition to the Surf Air brand and experience?

Yes. Over the next 90 days we will be working to transition the RISE brand and experience. The good news is that the experience you are used to - booking in seconds, arriving 15 minutes before your flight, being greeted by our exceptional Reps and flying with other professionals - will remain unchanged. You can still expect the same level of service and dedication to getting you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.

Does anything change for me as a RISE Member as a result of this announcement?

There are no immediate changes to the RISE flying experience other than you will soon  have the opportunity to access Surf AIr’s network when traveling in California! As soon as this benefit is active, we will provide information on how to book and access those flights. You can learn more about the acquisition and expansion plans at www.surfair.com/futureoftravel. 

Where does Surf Air offer services from?

Surf Air services all major business hubs and other leisure destinations in California and the surrounding area, including the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco Area, Carlsbad, Monterey, Palm Springs, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe areas.  Stay tuned for expanded service to Las Vegas, Scottsdale and connections between Texas and California.

What happens to my membership agreement with RISE?

There are no changes to your RISE membership agreement at this time. Our Membership Development Team will be reaching out you to review the new benefits with you.

Will there be any changes to the flight schedule or operation?

We will be adding additional flights between our existing cities and to new destinations very soon. All flight changes will be communicated to members via email and the member portal. For a list of planned destinations visit www.surfair.com/futureoftravel

Members can expect to follow the same protocol when booking and flying RISE until further notice. The RISE and Surf Air teams will immediately begin the integration process and will communicate the new benefits over the next few months.  

Will the acquisition result in connecting the Texas and California networks?

Yes! One of the most significant benefits of this acquisition is the eventual linking of the RISE and Surf Air networks. While we do not have an exact date for this service, we will be looking to get this accomplished shortly after the acquisition is completed.

Will the RISE booking platform stay in place or transition to Surf Air?

Both companies have significant similarities in technology, policies, processes, etc and we are working together  to build an even better platform with enhanced features and an even more seamless booking experience.

Will RISE employees be furloughed as a result of the merger?

For RISE employees, there will be no change in employment. Following the transition to the Surf Air brand we will continue to operate flights, sales and marketing within the current RISE  region and we cannot do that without the hard work and dedication of all of our employees.

RISE CEO, Nick Kennedy, will serve as President of this region and will continue to lead the team from our headquarters in Dallas.

Who will be operating aircraft service in Texas?

We will continue to utilize multiple operators to service all flights in the region.  As with our current service, all operators will be of the highest quality in terms of safety, operations, financials, etc.  Aircraft Captains will all continue to require FAA Air Transport Pilot Certifications (the same as any airline pilot).

Because RISE (and now Surf Air) do not own or operate aircraft, we will continue to match aircraft type and capacity with member demand through our highly qualified and hand-chosen operators. We will primarily utilize turbo-prop aircraft including the King Air aircraft RISE members are used to, as well as Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, which also have 8 seats.  These aircraft are extremely reliable and have an impeccable safety record. With this merger, we will both expand the number of flights offered as well as destinations within this region.

Where can I find more information about the PC-12?

Information about the PC-12 can be found at  www.surfair.com/us/aircraft

The Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today. Around the globe, executive transport, cargo, air ambulance, airline, and government special mission operations have all trusted the PC-12 to get passengers to their destinations safely. Believing that optimum safety can only be achieved with products of exceptional quality, Pilatus has earned multiple industry-specific certificates and awards, including EN/AS 9100, the highest certification for an international aircraft manufacturer.

What are the expansion plans for the combined company?

There is extensive growth planned for both regions. To see planned and future routes visit: www.surfair.com/futureoftravel






If Coffee Shops Were Like Airlines

Imagine this....you decide to meet a co-worker at a coffee shop to prep for an upcoming presentation. You both agree to get there by 9:00AM to allow plenty of time before the noon meeting.

As you pull into the parking lot you realize it's PACKED. You drive around in circles and finally settle for a parking space two blocks away.

You dart across the crowded streets carrying your bag and get to the front of the coffee shop only to find the line is stretched around the side of the building. You look at your watch..it's 9:10AM.

You text your co-worker and then notice he's a few feet in front of you in the line so you make eye contact, wave to one another and continue to wait it out. As you approach the entrance, a barista hands you a plastic bin and asks you to take off your shoes and place them in it along with your laptop. You comply and then allow him to pat you around the waist and down the front of your legs.

At long last, you reach the register. The cashier asks what you want to drink and you reply "Just a medium drip coffee, please." Without looking up she says, "Sir, we have a lot of coffee here. Can you please provide me the alpha-numeric code associated with the coffee you desire?"

Flustered, you search your wallet and bag and finally remember it's on the app you downloaded last night. You give her the number and, as she's typing it in, you realize you haven't eaten yet.

"Can I add a bagel to my order, please?" you ask. She looks up at you, sighs heavily and says, "Yes. That will be an additional $4.50 plus a $100 fee for the last-minute change to your order."

Shocked you start to reconsider but you're starving so you give her your credit card and she charges you the full amount. "We'll call you when the order is ready," she states.

You search the coffee shop looking for your friend and notice all the tables and chairs are full. You finally spot him sitting cross-legged in his business suit on the floor next to a power outlet. Crouching down next to him, you both open your laptops and get to work.

As you're discussing the important points you need to hit on in the presentation, you are constantly interrupted by ear-splitting announcements over the loud speaker. "BILL. YOUR GRANDE-QUAD-SOY-DOUBLE-PUMP-SUGAR-FREE-VANILLA-AMERICANO IS READY. I REPEAT. BILL..."

Several minutes pass and you still haven't heard your name called so you stand up and make your way through the crowd to the counter. The barista looks at you wordlessly. "Um, hi," you stammer. "I was wondering if my order got lost. I've been here awhile and..." She cuts you off. "We have your order. Please take a seat and we will call you when it is ready." Ashamed, you return to your spot on the coffee shop floor and resume your meeting prep...




When you step back and think about "real life" situations in the context of going through the airport experience, it seems ridiculous that we willingly subject ourselves to it....the only difference is, we often have no choice.

RISE exists to give you another choice. We are creating a new category of air travel between commercial and private that removes all the hassles associated with flying - including lines, fees...and sitting on the floor in your business suit.

Step out of line...it's time to RISE.